Well, if you're here you are probably frantically looking for answers, I knew I was when I first found I had MC. It isn't a fun thing to have, so I understand what you might be feeling, but rest assured it can be managed. Keep your spirits up, be optimistic about a good outcome, and concentrate on getting rid of it!

I hope these few ideas help. I recommend you read the whole thing (start at the bottom of the page and work up)- a holistic approach will be far more successful.

All fixed

Well, it's all gone. No symptoms since the last few bumps went as described in my last post. Those last couple were all gone by first week of July, and nothing new since. I first noticed the symptoms in late April, last symptoms early July = about 10-12 weeks duration.

Here's my take on what I think worked:

  • Patience - they were going to go away eventually, perhaps all the treatments didn't make them go away any quicker, but I had to at least feel like I was doing something
  • Hygiene - preventing the bumps from spreading had a lot to do with them eventually clearing up I think
  • Good nutrition - including vitamin supplements and orange juice daily. Still taking them in the morning and I feel great, haven't been sick with anything since.
  • Duct tape occlusion therapy - I believe this worked to prevent the spread of the bumps at least.
  • Tea tree oil - this seemed to help too, but it can't really be combined with duct tape therapy as the tape won't stick to the oily skin. I've since discovered it works really good on pimples as well!
  • Positive attitude! Don't know why, but it will strengthen your immune system...
So this is my last post (I hope). For anyone just starting on this journey -
  • keep your chin up and remember there are thousands of worse things that you could get stuck with.
  • It WILL go away.
  • You CAN do something to help make it go quicker.
  • Doctors don't always have all the answers but use them where you can.
  • SMILE :)


Traci Michele said...

This is what worked for our daughter.... check it out:



I love cats said...

Thank you so much for posting this. I just found out I have this virus just two days ago. I probably had it for about month thinking it was ingrown hairs. Your blog made me feel a bit better. I was researching online an it made me panic. I was convinced I would have this for years! People only write about prolonged cases for 8 months to over 2 years!

I have 4 on one thigh and one on my other. My doc froze them off. She seems to think it will do the trick if I keep them covered. I left feeling ok about it, Today though, I just found two more. One closer to my girlie parts. So needless to say, I am still freaking out. And then I researched online and saw all the stories about how long it takes to rid the virus. But hopefully if I stay diligent about freezing new ones and boost my immune system, these things can go away as quickly as yours. I just started seeing someone and things are going really well. Unfortunately I think I'm going to have to tell them about this because things are progressing. Ugghh. But thank you, this gave me hope because I really was losing it after reading other horror stories. I can tell him it could go away in 10 to 12 weeks. That is less embarrassing than 8 months to 2 years. Thanks to you, I think I can stay hopeful.

Jaime Thompson said...

Great to hear that it's all gone now! I've had molluscum months ago. I have done treatments and tried lots of remedies but nothing works. That's when I decided to go to Adult & Pediatric Dermatology (http://apderm.com/wellesley-ma/). They numb the area and cut every single bump off. I am definitely grateful that this method has been 100% effective and has no sign of it returning.